Your Success Starts From

REAL OXFORD and HKAPA teachers

Real Top Scorer (Chinese: 狀元) in Public Exam

Born and raised in Hong Kong, we are not only from the world’s Number 1 university and Asia’s Number 1 music school. We are also Number 1 in the public examination.

Now, we want to be your Number 1 Education Partner.

The Power of Track Records

We understand these track records are invaluable to any students in Hong Kong. So we are determined to be your best source for elite learning solutions, together with a very close relationship with you.

The Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

Education is a culture. The future society needs cultural talents who have received holistic education. We believe a superior education brand should have the innovative consciousness of a whole-person culture.

The Secret of Lasting Success

No matter how competitive it is, we learn from others’ strengths, pursue superiority, and break through mediocrity. We strives to provide the greatest nourishment for every elite and educated person.

Contact Us

Hong Kong Cultural Studio

Room 1304, 13/F, Progress Commercial Building

9 Irving Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: 2123 5958

Whatsapp: 2123 5958


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