Academic Director

Andrew Chan

MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies,
University of Oxford
BSc (Hons) Economics, Politics and International Studies,
University of Warwick
Top Candidate in HKALE (5As)
12/15 恆生商學書院留英獎學金獲獎者

Andrew was one of the best candidates in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) in 2012. He was the Investigation Specialist of Transaction Risk Management System (TRMS) at Amazon in London, Economic Researcher at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Beijing and Research Assistant at the University of Oxford. Awarded a full overseas scholarship from the Hang Seng School of Commerce, he graduated from the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick. He has worked in different places, including Beijing, Shanghai, London, New York and Hong Kong.

Andrew is one of the Hong Kong Polo Players. In August 2018, he represented the Hong Kong Polo Team to play a tournament in Warsaw, Poland. His story has also been coveted by the media, including the Hong Kong Economic Times, South China Morning Post and Sina Sports. His education vision is to become a role model for Hong Kong students. Ranging from books, sports to other aspects, the achievements of Hong Kong students can also be internationally competitive.

Andrew has more than 5 years of tutoring and admission advisory. He is familiar with the education systems and examination systems in both Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. While he was preparing for the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE), he also prepared for the GCE examination and obtained A* results. In addition to his outstanding academic strategies and examination skills, his students are also able to achieve excellent performance in public examinations and progress to top universities.



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