Music Director

Harry Wong

旅澳鋼琴家 作曲家 指揮

Master in Piano Performance,
University of Sydney, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Bachelor of Music (Performance),
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
15/16 莫莉•麥考里紀念全額獎學金獲獎者
15/16 Molly McAulay Memoral Full Scholarship Awardee

– 1st Prize of Sydney Conservatorium of Music Piano Concerto Competition 2017
– first runner-up of “Liszt Memorial Prizes” 2016 Hong Kong International Piano Open Competition
– Champion of The Austria-China Youth Piano Competition 2015
-Champion of Free Choice Youth (senior) class in The Hong Kong-Asia Piano Open Competition 2014

Having performed in the United States, Austria, Australia, and Hong Kong, Harry Wong is known for his versatile piano technique, colorful timbre as well as rich and in-depth interpretation. After winning the Sydney Piano Concerto Competition, Harry was invited by Eduardo Diazmuñoz (The disciple of legendary conductor Leonard Berstein) to perform the Liszt First Piano Concerto with the local orchestra in 2018. Both performances were full-housed and had won critical acclaim. After settling back to Hong Kong, Harry is actively involved in piano performances and music education, his contribution is highly recognized. Recently, Harry is invited by the Polish Consulate in Hong Kong and Kocham Polske HK in 2019 to serve as a music lecturer at the Polish Cultural Festival in Hong Kong, introducing Chopin’s life and music compositions.

Harry graduates from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), the 7th-ranked performing arts school worldwide. He studies piano performances with Mr. Raymond Young and Ms. Nancy Loo. He also had piano lessons with Eleanor Wong, Gabriel Kwok, Colleen Lee, Hui Ling, and Julie Kuok. Also, as a passionate conductor, Harry has studied conducting with Dr. Sharon Chua, Carmen Koon, and Alan Cumberland. He was also taught by the conductors including Richard Pontzious and James Judd in various conducting masterclasses. He also studies composition with Pang Chun Kit.

Harry’s achievements at the HKAPA are well recognized. He is the only winner of the 2015/16 Molly McAulay Memorial Full Scholarship, which supports his master of music degree at the University of Sydney, Australia. He studies with the famous Australian pianist Clemens Leske. Harry’s piano performance is also well-recognized in Sydney. Apart from performing concertos, he was also invited to perform solo performances in Sydney’s Steinway Gallery and perform with various local chamber orchestras and wind instrumentalists. At the same time, Harry has formed a piano trio team with local clarinetist and violinist, performing many works by Khachaturian, Milhaud and Beethoven violin sonatas in Sydney.

Harry has won several competitions, including the first prize of the 2017 Sydney University Piano Concerto Competition; second prize in “Liszt Memorial prize” Hong Kong International Piano Open Competition 2016 (AAF certificated competition); 2015 Austrian Chinese Youth Piano Competition and 2014 Asian Youth Piano Open Championship.

During his study in Hong Kong, Harry is awarded several scholarships to support his piano performances in the United States and Vienna. He has also participated in masterclasses with different teachers such as Rebecca Penneys, Ingo Dannhorn, Christopher Harding, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Roland Batik, Manfred Fock, Tamas Ungar, and Ralf Heiber.

香港全人文化創辦人及藝術總監黃晉熙先生早年畢業於香港演藝學院, 師從著名鋼琴家楊習禮及羅乃新, 在學期間曾獲獎學金赴美國及維也納接受各名師指導, 當中包括 Rebecca Penneys, Christopher Harding, Roland Batik及 Ralf Heiber. 完成香港演藝學院學士課程後,  黃氏即獲 Molly McAulay Memorial Scholarship 全額獎學金赴澳洲悉尼大學攻讀碩士課程, 師隨澳洲著名鋼琴家Clemens Leske。 留學期間Harry 活躍於各類演出及教學 除獲邀於Sydney Steinway Galley及與各種樂團合作演出, 更以獨奏者身分與指揮大師 Eduardo Diazmunoz 合作演出兩場鋼琴協奏曲音樂會, 廣受讚譽。 

黃氏於在學期間亦有修讀指揮及作曲課程, 並曾接受指揮家 Eduardo Diazmunoz, 蔡敏德博士, Richard Pontzious, James Judd, 及Alan Cumberland 指導, 其作品亦曾於2015 年作首演。 

黃氏亦有有多年教學及伴奏經驗, 於香港及澳洲修讀期間積極鑽研各種鋼琴技巧及教學手法, 並將之融合其敏銳的樂感 除自身演奏能力備受歡迎及肯定外, 其學生亦於各類考試比賽獲得極為優秀的成績。

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