Child Development Director

Angel Chan

Director of Childhood Education
the Nursery of Art HK
Advanced Diploma in the Art of Piano Teaching and Performance
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Higher Diploma in Child Care and Education
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Registered Child Care Services Supervisor

Angel is an expert in early childhood development. She has been the Vice Principal of the St. Savio International Nursery and St. Savio Kindergarten. In the past 30 years, Angel has inspired over 1000 children and teachers through her professional art and music trainings. 

When Angel was the Childhood Education Director at the Nursery of Art HK, she has exerted significant influence to different generations throughout her career. She has also created vast opportunities for students to perform music and to exhibit their crafts. All these events were conducted with tremendous success.

Angel believes there are spiritual connections between music and visual art. After getting an advanced diploma in piano teaching in 2010, Angel took a further step on providing children with her all-round artistic inspirations. She has proposed various kinds of innovative training for teachers at kindergartens and community centres. Her professional piano courses are also available for students at all ages.



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